My Favorite Christmas Gift for 2018!

A blend of botanical poetry by Libby Piper and Illustrated by Renée Fox. Let the plant people take you on a journey, learning the lessons of each in a language that mimics the song of Mother Earth. Their essence comes together to create harmony in a tea infused with their wisdom. Available at

Introducing the Sugar Paper Planner Luxe Gift Box, our favorite items for those who love to plan and mark their list until it's all done. We put it together with the details we're known for to make gifting easy. Let us do the work for you. Personalization available for concealed planner only.

Pineapple Festa. An explosion of watercolor brush strokes are fused together to create this festive pineapple. A simple, yet bold illustration, this painting is meant to complement my other tropical art prints, including Flamingo Road, Aragosta, and Speckled Seahorse. Available at